Gif And Reaction Landing Page

Use when commmenting on a gross overreaction or sudden change.

Use when you're educating someone on something, many times completely serious.

Joke about a Murder of Crows

Use when impressed or giving over-the-top approval.

Use when indicating that someone's serious intent is hilarious.

For when you're being sarcastic about how someone's story is cool.

To inform someone they are beating a dead horse.

Deal with it.

Didn't read.

Staring Ernie.

Lucielle excited.

Ken Cheong, ha ha f you.

Disney, Go f yourself.

God Awful.

Happy with self.

Back out of situation.

Imagination Spongebob.

My son would give you 1/10.


Nope, just no.

MJ Popcorn.

Walking Dead Face.

So sad.

Tommy Lee Jones, not impressed.



What is that.

I don't know what to say.

You serious?.